Established in 2006 and based in the UK, Testing Performance provides comprehensive testing services including Consultancy, Planning and Delivery. We specialise in Performance Testing, Test Automation, Data Migration & Assurance and Test Management. Our senior consultants typically have over 15 years’ experience. Our customers range across industries including Government, banking, insurance, retail, aerospace, and utilities. View our Case Studies
On October 8th 2021 Testing Performance merged with Fimatix UK Ltd who have a strong digital transformation offering  in Government and Fintech.


As experts in performance testing we can ensure your application will perform under peak expected loads and beyond.

  • We analyse your applications’ performance and tune for maximum responsiveness.

  • We offer services across the full spectrum of performance testing - load, soak, stress, network virtualisation, volumetric modelling, backend monitoring etc.

  • We are tool agnostic and have experience in all the major commercial and open source tools.

  • We can help with tool recommendation, proof of concept and tool migration.

  • Each client is different and no one solution fits all. We listen to your needs and provide a bespoke solution to fit your requirement.

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Automation makes testing efficient, reducing costs and freeing up resources. Test early, test often is the dev ops mantra and automating testing makes this possible - a true shift left in the SDLC.

  • Efficiency – Much quicker to execute than equivalent manual test.

  • Repeatability –  The results can be compared and trusted knowing the test is performed properly every time.

  • Reusability – once the scripts have been written they can be used time and again.

  • One script can execute multiple test cases.

  • Requires Investment – tools, infrastructure, frameworks, scripts, automation experts.

  • Not all tests are suitable for Automation - we can help you evaluate and calculate the return on investment.

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Companies need to replace their applications from time to time, migrating data from the existing source application to the new application.  But how do you check that all data has been migrated correctly?

  • We work with you to identify the mapping of data, build and apply mapping rules.

  • We can migrate data from one or more legacy applications to a new application.

  • Our rules-based engine maps and processes the data, backed up by test automation,  to validate the conversion and provide an audit path.

  • We verify and improve data during migration, identifying data gaps, inconsistencies and duplicates.

  • We verify data after a migration to provide assurance in data integrity.

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“Testing Performance supported our Transformation Programme, delivering well-thought-out solutions to the challenges we faced.
They were able to scale to meet project demands and, towards the end stages, provide a flexible on-demand service to continue to support the programme.”
philip Wells
Assistant chief officer, bedfordshire police
“Working with Testing Performance brought about a real focus on the performance of our key systems and applications – leading to genuine performance improvement.”
Head of IT, Tate Galleries
“A high-quality end-to-end service with measured delivery. 
Would not hesitate to recommend.”
Caroline Burnett
Programme Test Manager, Enstar Group