Testing Performance offers a comprehensive testing service that is tailored to meet your needs.  A selection of our services can be viewed below, but if you don’t see what you are looking for please contact us to discuss.


Defining your project’s non-functional requirements (NFRs) can be difficult. Performance Testing involves a specialist skill set that is required for just some projects. It can therefore be expensive to retain a performance test team and difficult to keep team members motivated when benched.

Our team have exceptional skills and experience in both open source and commercial tool solutions.

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By automating testing, you can reduce both time and costs. Eliminate repetitive and time-consuming tests by automating them. However, in order for automation to be effective it needs to be implemented correctly.  We often hear “Oh, we tried automating, it didn’t work” and that’s because a lot of thought and effort needs to be put into assessing what is ripe for automation, planning, tooling and scripting.  

Data Migration & Reconciliation

If typical migration routes prove difficult and hours and hours of costly manual data entry seem the only option, we can provide a cost effective, bespoke, migration solution. Whether migrating data from legacy to the current system is required or the consolidation of data from various applications into one new one, Testing Performance can work with you to confidently migrate data with an audit track verifying the migration.  

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Testing Performance has vast experience in a wide range of projects,. This allows us to offer in-depth and focussed consultancy for Performance Testing, Automated Testing, and Test Management engagements. Our consultants have the breadth of knowledge in both performance and automation testing to give true insight and oversight. This marks Testing Performance as a true testing authority.  


The nature of testing in an Agile / DevOps environment means that there is a great deal of regression testing, which is ideal for automation.

Whilst we advocate automated testing for regression testing, we do not advocate it for all testing as it may take longer to develop the automated test than to test manually. Test automation is ideal for regression testing as the same test may be executed many tens or hundreds of times so the effort developing the automation pays huge dividends. For Continuous Integration (CI) projects, automating testing is essential for finding issues early and quickly.

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Mobile Testing

Mobile Testing helps ensure the end user has an optimal experience. It takes many forms such as  functional and performance testing of a mobile application as well as its backend servers, cross-device testing, cross-browser testing and network emulation testing. We offer services in all aspects of Mobile Testing utilising a variety of testing tools which include commercial, open-source, in-house or bespoke.  


This service allows us to act as your Performance Testing Bench. Performance Testing is by its nature a cyclic activity, and therefore many organisations do not retain performance testers when there is no testing to undertake.  We offer an on-demand service whereby we provide our resources to conduct the testing as and when they are required.  


We offer conversions from one testing tool to another, such as UFT/QTP to Silk Test or Quality to Silk Central Test Manager. Our process retains the valuable script assets our clients have already invested in.  This may come about if an old tool becomes obsolete and is replaced with a new tool from the same vendor or if the tool vendor is changed completely.  


We offer a range of security testing services to help protect your business, including Security Audits, Penetration Testing, Firewall – on-site and off-site security tests including testing under load during an all-out attack on your firewalls, Ethical Hacking Services and ISO27001 Compliance.


Testing Performance can ensure that your website is continually available and performing well. We can provide a number of monitoring options that allow us to report on how a client's website is performing and to alert us if performance or availability falls below requirements and expectations.


We can develop and execute cloud-based performance tests using our own performance testing infrastructure. This allows us to develop performance tests using or our own testing tools and to execute the tests against your systems.  


We are more than happy to discuss your requirements and will endeavour to meet all of your needs at a competitive rate.  No two requirements are the same and as such our solutions are always bespoke to suit our clients' needs.


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