Defining your project’s non-functional requirements (NFRs) can be difficult as Performance Testing involves a specialist skillset that is not essential to all projects. It can therefore be expensive to retain a performance test team and difficult to keep team members motivated when benched.

Testing Performance provides expert level knowledge of Performance Testing - from defining your Non-Functional Requirements, assessing risk, to building a test strategy, executing the test plan and delivering both high- and low-level reports.

what we offer

Performance Testing includes Stress, Load and Peak to ensure your product can handle expected volume of concurrent users and to identify any bottlenecks before release. By demonstrating best practice, we are also able to help develop your in-house skills, train teams in the tools required and provide you with the guidance to set up your own capability.  

We also provide ad-hoc, on-demand support to supplement or advise your in-house team.  Each with at least 15 years’ experience, our senior consultants go beyond performance testing and provide performance engineering.  This means fully understanding the problems and technical architecture in order to define the most appropriate approach to testing and design - from network emulation and volumetric modelling to load injection and back-end monitoring approaches.  

We also provide tuning and architecture recommendations, working with you to implement these changes before retesting. We are tool agnostic and have expertise in a wide range of open source and commercial tools and frameworks. We look for the most appropriate tool to suit your needs and budget, conducting a proof of concept to ensure full suitability.  

Where possible, we like to help you shift performance testing left - bringing it earlier into the development cycle and thereby providing developers with an early feedback loop for performance issues.

This can be achieved by adding performance regression checks to your Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines. Of course not all types of performance tests are suitable for automation so we can help you evaluate suitability.

Our team have exceptional skills and experience in both open source and commercial tool solutions, including:

  • JMeter

  • Gatling

  • Micro Focus’ Silk Performer

  • Loadrunner

And other solutions such as:

  • Dynatrace

  • Silk Performance Manager

  • AppDynamics