Risk Assessment and Performance Testing for large programme of work.


Initial Risk Assessment conducted and subsequent performance testing of applications deemed critical to the business.


The Programme had several applications and systems within it.  Our global insurance client wanted to know which were essential to performance test.

There were a series of Non-Functional Requirements against which testing was required to validate whether applications were fit for purpose.


  • One system was for an external client of theirs which would be accessed via a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).  It was deemed important that the performance of both the VDI and the system were validated.
  • Performance Testing activities were to be conducted using two cost centres.
  • Urgent work was required that was outside the initial scope.


  • Our initial risk assessment of the programme showed that only three applications were high risk.
  • Using LoadRunner and Login VSI to validate the performance of the VDI we conducted extensive performance testing of up to 500 users.
  • Initial testing concentrated on their internal system and once it was understood and validated then performance testing was conducted against the external client focusing on the VDI farm.
  • We stressed the BIZ talk server and it responded well.  We also performed data upload automation vi SoapUI web services as there was no capability at the time.


  • As our initial risk assessment only showed three applications at risk, performance testing efforts could be targeted and cost effective.
  • Tool knowledge meant that the most appropriate and cost effective tools were selected.
  • We managed the cost against two cost centres as per client request meaning that costs could be fairly shared and no duplication of testing effort required.
  • At very last minute, a document management tool was added to the performance testing scope.  We were able to quickly prove poor performance, initiate and implement fixes working closely with the third party supplier.  This work took place as urgent over the Christmas and New Year holiday season.
  • We discovered an incorrect configuration which meant the error could be corrected before the deploying to their customer.
  • Our client could deploy to their customer with full confidence in the product and the VDI.
  • Several performance issues were identified and resolved.
This example demonstrates
  • Testing Performance’s ability to conduct a risk assessment for a large programme of work and being able to illustrate at stakeholder level which applications were at high risk and why.
  • How flexible we were able to be, conducting urgent work that was out of scope over the Christmas period.  
  • How we work with third party suppliers to initiate and implement fixes for problems found during performance testing.